Sendwave Pay benefits

What do you get with a Sendwave Pay account

Better rates on your transfers

  • With Sendwave Pay, you get better rates or lower fees on your transfers with Sendwave
  • Send more money home for less
How to unlock:
  • Deposit funds into your Sendwave Pay account
  • Use Sendwave Pay as your primary payment method when you send money overseas

No hidden fees

  • No account creation fees
  • No minimum balance or account maintenance fees
  • No overdraft fees
Automatically available

FDIC insured

  • Your account is insured up to $250,000
  • Sendwave Pay accounts are FDIC insured through Piermont Bank
Automatically available

International Debit Card

  • Get reimbursed for foreign transaction fees when you use your Sendwave Pay card outside the US
How to unlock:
  • After account approval, wait up to 2 weeks for your debit card to arrive
  • Activate your debit card
  • Fund your account to use your debit card

Earn 0.51% interest

  • Earn interest on any funds kept in your Sendwave Pay accountInterest is earned automatically and paid monthly to your account
How to unlock:
  • Deposit funds into your Sendwave Pay account

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